Just as the title suggests, I’ll send you a mystery box of random shit from my apartment. I’ve lived in it for 10 years and I have closets full of art, crafts, brand new items sponsors have sent me, and just overall random, weird, cute, funny things I don’t have space for. Are you in the market for a box of random shit from my apartment? Well today is your lucky day.

FINE PRINT: All items will be sanitized before they are shipped. If there’s a story behind a particular item. I’ll include it. There is no retail value on these items because you can’t put a dollar amount on treasures you’ve accumulated. Unless its like… a face mask from a FABfitFUN box. Either way you’re getting a piece of my heart and my home and BONUS: its eco friendly as fuck

EXTRA FINE PRINT: Limit one box per person. ***LIMITED QUANTITIES*** (a girl can only have so much random shit in her apartment before it’s suddenly empty)