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Episode #79 - You Wanna Come Look At This Magic‪?‬

Ya girl's been anxious as hell while whispering sweet nothings into the mirror (it helps!). After talking it out, I realize it's because I'm procrastinating on finishing my Patreon because deep, deep, DEEP down, part of me wonders if I'm a dumb piece of shit (I'm not!). Ya really got me where it hurts, Patreon (coming out April 2). Also on today's episode:

fuckboi wants a back shot

fart factory pics make your followers go 'byyyyye'

a total loss for words on how to tie a shoe

Magical listener emails 3 ~*~3 (keep them coming!)

Email me:

My Patreon (COMING APRIL 2ND) -

END SONG: "Where Does The Good Go?" by Tegan and Sara

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