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Episode #70 - We're Learning, We're Growing, We're Figuring it Ou‪t‬

Oh, happy day! I'm so glad you're alive and I hope you enjoy the final Feel Your Feelings January themed episode which includes but is not limited to:

The shock and dismay of an unflattering camera angle

Why you should never have a volunteer restore your painting or sculpture

What weed means to me

Finally feeling calm and patient enough to write a compassionate letter to your estranged parents

and a reading of Chapter 9 of The Tao of Fully Feeling by Pete Walker all about compassionate self-parenting and affirmations you can use to help heal the f****d up kid inside you!

If you liked this episode, can you rate and review it on iTunes?! And share it?! Theeenkz! I love you.


"8 Restoration Fails Which Shook the World"

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