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Episode #66 - Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Oh my christ, it's the last week of 2020! I congratulate you on staying alive. Today's episode of The Voices In Our Heads includes stories about plumbing pains, a fuckboi who don't have time for no feminist, being in-the-closet about Soho House, a wrap-up of Feeling Great by David "Daddy" Burns about shoulda-coulda-woulda's and a preview of the book for Feel Your Feelings January 2021 - The Tao of Fulling Feeling by Pete Walker. LISTEN HERE

**New Brunswick, NJ** - New Year's Eve I'm featuring for DAVE ATTELL @ The Stress Factory shows are OUTDOORS under heated tents. For tickets, click HERE. If you're feeling suicidal please reach out to a friend - you are not a burden. Or call 800-273-8255. email | website | social | @KrystynaHutch

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