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Episode #60 - Why We Get Stuck, Bitch

Oh happy day, congrats on staying alive and making it through another week of this fart machine called life. On today's episode:

- Fuckboi Theater: Jon Voight/Fart Edition

- THANK YOU, Native Americans of AZ

- An Eighth-Assed Restoration

- And a deep dive into Chapter 3 of David Burn's book, Feeling Great all about how and why we get stuck in our own swamp of mental hell that includes depression, anxiety, relationship woes, addiction and bad habits.


The book mentioned in today’s episodes, and future ones, is called Feeling Great - The Revolutionary New Treatment for Depression and Anxiety by Dr. David D. Burns. I *HIGHLY* encourage you to search for it on the website of your favorite local bookstore instead of going to Amazon. I know, I know, Amazon is easier. But fuck that, it’s 2020 bitch, nothing is easy! Take an extra 10 minutes and try to buy the book locally.

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