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Episode #25 - Trip From Hell

Oh my Jesus Christ on a cracker this is a weird time. An extra meaningful congratulations on not killing yourself this week. I hope you're all staying safe and sane because I recently went on the trip from hell and lost my mind. I'm diving into The Four Agreements over the next few episodes, if you're short on cash and want me to send you a paper copy of the book, email me TheVoicesInOurHeadsPodcast@gmail.c

om subject line FOUR AGREEMENTS and send me your name, phone #, full address, I'll ship the first handful of people a copy. This book changed me and I'm fairly certain you're going to love it. TALK TO YOU NEXT WEEK WE GOT THIS GUYS STAY IN THE GAME!!!


If you're short on cash and want to read this book before we take a deep dive into it, email me at with the subject link "FOUR AGREEMENTS" please include your full name, phone number and mailing address and I'll have a copy of the book shipped to the first handful of people who email me.

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