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Episode #14 - Feel Your Feelings January

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2020 is going to be exciting, I can feel it. This week on The Voices In Our Heads, a very classic Fuckboi Theater, I recap my weekend opening for the great Dave Attell, a bucket of paint fell on my head, another oddball Christmas card from Hustler Magazine, and then I talk about my hopes and dreams for Dry January aka one month of NO alcohol or weed aka Feel Your Feelings January. Wanna do it with me? You literally have nothing to lose and only money, time and clarity to gain. Look, I'm not excited about it either but I think it could be a wonderful start to the BeAuTiFuL decade we're all about to have. Also: You live in Ireland? Can I do a live podcast recording at your house during the second week of April? If so, email me!

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