What are your happy places? Describe them in as much detail as you can. 


What are three scenes from your life that brought you peace?


What are the experiences you are thankful for, people you are thankful for, little moments you are thankful for?


Who in pop culture are you thankful for and why? 


What are your moral beliefs?


Think of a time when you were angry or irritated. Write down a brief description of the situation. What actually happened? Were you upset with you or someone else?


What do you value? What do you value most about today?


What are some personality traits you would want to possess? 

Imagine if you had those traits, what about your life would be easier? (relationships, jobs, daily life)?


Imagine you lived in a world where you had unlimited resources when it comes to money and time. In this ideal world what would your career be? Where would you be working? How would you dress? Who would you work with?


Who are the people that mean the most to you today? How much time do you spend with them?


Think about a time when you felt anxious or worried. What was happening, what were you nervous about? Describe the situation. Next, try to identify your negative thoughts. What are you telling yourself? What were you thinking? Write down your negative thoughts. 


How can you make tomorrow better?


What store have you always wanted to be able to shop? Go to that store online and fill up a cart of anything you want. Now think of three memories you would make with these items?  Ex: I hosted a grown up dinner party with the things I purchased. 


It takes just over a month to create a new habit. Write down some habits you want to adopt and group them into “small habits”, “bigger habits”, and “biggest habits” ex: running a marathon. Start with the small!


List your top 5 favorite friends and what you admire about them. What do they give to you? What do you give to them? 


If you were pitching yourself to the world, what are your top 5 attributes. Give an anecdote that highlights each one. 


What are some habits you have now that might not be good for you? What habits do you have that make you feel good?


Describe in detail how you would live your life if you weren’t afraid of what everyone else thought? What is the first step you can take to live like the life you described?


Write a letter to yourself when you were a child. Pick an age when you felt like you weren’t getting what you needed. 


With your dominant hand write down a question for your inner child, respond in writing with the opposite hand as your inner child. Do not think, there is no wrong answer. It does not need to be profound. It does not need to make sense. 

How are you feeling today? 

What do you need? 

What do you want to tell me?

What brings you joy?

What should we do more of?

How do you feel about name of someone ? If you are feeling someone is toxic, ask your inner child what they think about them. 

It might feel weird to do the exercise, but that’s ok. You’re just going to have to get over it. 


What are you procrastinating about? Describe it. List the advantages and disadvantages of putting it off. 

List the advantages and disadvantages of getting started today. 


Write down a note to yourself to give a reminder of what is important to you. 


Write a letter to someone who hurt you. 

A collection of journal prompts inspired by the books I’ve read and the life I’ve led.

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