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What are your top three happy places? Describe them in as much detail as you can. How does each happy place make you feel and why?


What are three scenes from the movie that is your life that have brought you inner peace? How did they affect each of your five senses? (vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch)


Name and describe five people you know who you are thankful for. What do they bring into your life? 


What are five attributes you possess that make you a good friend? Next to each one, list an example from your history as a friend. What qualities are most important to you in a friendship? 


Who in pop culture are you thankful for and why? What effect does this person and their art/business/morals have on you? What qualities in this person do you aspire to have? What would it look like if you possessed one of these qualities?


We’ve all experienced situations in work, friendships and romance that force us to confront our own values and moral beliefs, but rarely do we sit and think about how we want to conduct ourselves before the shit hits the fan. Take a moment to imagine three high stress scenarios you have or could encounter in your life time and map out your ideal response. What are the core values underlying this response and how can you incorporate them, in small ways, into your daily life?


Appreciating the small, simple things and moments in life will cause us to lead a happier existence. What are three tiny moments that brought you joy this week? The simpler, the better. 


Our personality is formed by our life experience and as many of us know, sometimes our upbringing didn’t give us what we needed to fully blossom. One thing I’ve learned about your personality is: you make it up. You choose what resonates with you and you apply it a little bit every day until it becomes second nature. What are three personality traits you would like to possess? Imagine already having each one - what would it feel like? How can you make small course corrections in your daily life to start building those qualities inside yourself?


Imagine you were gifted $100,000 but you had to spend it all in one day. What would you buy? If you aren’t sure the exact price of something, go on the internet and look it up. Write down exactly how much each thing would cost until you’ve reached the $100,000 mark. 


Think about the last time you felt anxious. Describe the situation in detail, including the who/what/where/how. Next, try to identify your negative thought patterns that created this sense of anxiety. What were the negative voices in your head saying? Write down as many as you can remember. Then, respond to each of those thoughts as if your close friend was saying this about themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to respond to our own inner critic, but if a friend echos similar criticisms about themselves, we’re quick to come up with honest responses that can easily shut down that asshole critic. 



How do you want your day to go tomorrow? More specifically, how do you want to feel throughout the day? Sometimes when I find myself in the midst of a high stress work week, I pretend I’m my own personal assistant. What are small things you can do to make your day tomorrow go a little easier? Eliminating the amount of choices you have to make first thing in the morning, like picking out what you’re going to wear, usually helps me a great deal. What are two little decisions you can make tonight that will allow you to feel more ease tomorrow?


What is one healthy habit you’ve always wanted to adopt and why? It takes a little over a month to form a new habit and a minimum of three months (on average) for that habit to become automatic. How do you imagine you’d feel 6 months into having this healthy habit in your life, write it down in as much detail as you can think of. 


Most of us didn’t get what we needed in childhood but we have the opportunity to go back in time and imagine filling in the voids of our upbringing. Was there a particular moment in your youth that stands out as being sad, scary or confusing? Pick the moment that conjures up the most emotion for you. What was going on at the time and what, in that moment, did you need that you didn’t get? Write a loving letter to yourself at that age, as if you were your own healthy parent, and acknowledge any feelings and/or needs your child-self had that went unnoticed. 


Traveling the world is food for the soul. Let's assume you have a bank account with unlimited funds and a job that allows you to take three week-long vacations a year. Let’s also imagine that there is no global pandemic and the world is your oyster. Where would you travel to this year? If you’re not sure, get on the internet and research places that pique your interest. What country/city/hotels would you stay in? What kinds of excursions would you embark on? What cultures, apart from your own, do you want to experience?

A collection of journal prompts inspired by the books I’ve read and the life I’ve led.

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